Of Folly And Of Vice

In Honor Of His Birthday
April 10, 2009, 9:59 pm
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Steve was walking back to his house from the Boys’ House wearing a lab coat. He had no business wearing the lab coat, it wasn’t his to begin with.

He and the boys took advantage of an open door in the university building next to the research field, which the Boys’ House front door looked out upon. After some general mischief, they broke up and headed their separate ways, with Steve walking up Fraternity Row alone, in the lab coat.

Waiting for a light to change at an intersection, Steve found himself standing with a few drunk girls.

“Oh my gah, are you a doctor?”

“Yes,” Steve tells them, seriously. “You know, it was a tough day.”

“Oh! What happened?!”

“Well, there was a little girl,” Steve told them. “We were doing heart surgery, and she, unfortunately, passed away.”

“Oh no! That’s terrible!”

The light changes, and Steve starts to walk away but waits, looks at them and says, “Yeah, I know. I’m an English major.”


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Ha! Those crazy boys…

And that young heartthrob, inspired by this drunken episode, would later land a recurring role on the hit soap General Hospital. That collegiate…was one Steve Burton. Now you know the rest of the story.

Or so the legend goes.

Comment by Grego

Yes! Happy birthday, you sexy sushi chef, you!

Comment by Au$10

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