Of Folly And Of Vice

Emergency Room
April 2, 2009, 10:01 pm
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Rob was right.

Besides Survivor, one of Pea’s favorite shows was ER. None of us could appreciate it in the same way. It was a source of dischord in the Boys’ House, and Pea would often find himself alone on Thursday nights catching up with the doctors and the drama. At a loud volume. Because Pea rarely did anything quietly.

We knew that ER could never continue if he wasn’t around to watch it. I am confident in the knowledge that Pea was one of the seven or eight people left on earth who regularly tuned in.

There was a temperate evening at the Boys’ House and we were all out on the porch. Pea probably gave a synopsis of the past week’s ER to us, which usually meant he would put his head down and shake it while making a pouty face. After these gestures, he would simply say, “Oh my God, shit went down.”

And because I hadn’t watched the show since Sally Field was the drug-addicted mother of a doctor, I took his summary with a head nodding in agreement. It was best to accept that shit had in fact gone down, because no one wanted to start the coversation.

But Rob – Rob boldly predicted that not only would the show end, but he described the ending of the show in detail.

I think at the time, Pea’s heart might have broken a little bit to think about the end of such a beloved show.

Rob explained to us that when the show ended, there would be some sort of choas, some kind emergency. And all of the doctors would spring into action, like they always do. That’s when the score would rise up from the background and the camera would pan out. Faced with this latest challenge, they would all look at each other and then it would fade to black.

I watched the show for the final episode because I felt like I had to. Not the whole three hours, that’s just unreasonable. Pea would have watched and relished in every hour, but he was forgiving enough to understand that we would not have the inner constitution necessary to get through all of it. I chose to watch the last 20 minutes.

And I stared in disbelief that Rob’s prediction had come true, almost exactly.

And then it was over. ER was finished.

And I wasn’t really sad about it, it was just over.

And I bring it up only because Rob had predicted it perfectly nearly 6 years ago. Before Pea was sick. Before we had packed up our things and moved away. Before we had bigger problems.

And I guess the end of ER means more than just the end of the show, it’s the full circle of a little piece of our journey together.


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